Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The decades old secret meeting that is still impacting the Black community

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Over the years, there have been rumors about a secret meeting that took place that destroyed Hip Hop. However,  tonight on Militant Minded Radio, TRUTH Minista Paul Scott will reveal the truth about a secret meeting that took place decades ago that is still impacting the Black community in 2013.

In Hip Hop and Ratchet Rap related news......

An open letter to Al Sharpton by a man who claims to be one of the founders of the National Action Network asks Sharpton to return the blood money he received from Cash Money in a deal to publish his memoirs. He also claims that he has personally heard Rev. Sharpton refer to Black politicians by the “N-Word”.

Rihanna who is on a concert tour was blasted on Instagram for some photos she posted of her posing in front of the Sheikh Zayed mosque in Abu Dhabi. Look at the pics here. Tasteful or Tasteless?

First Ice T blasts on the current state of hip-hop calling it materialistic and now Sean “Puffy” Combs comes out and says Hip-Hop is too soft. Does either man have a point?

After his little twitter beef with Jimmy Kimmel over Kimmel making fun of Kanye’s media interview where he was complaining about European designers not liking his idea for leather sweat pants, now Kanye is pushing a confederate t-shirt after bringing White Jesus on stage in Seattle. Is Kanye for real or just trying to keep his name in the media?

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  1. What's wrong with the Rihanna pics, unless it's because some may interpret this as support for Sharia Law (a woman-hating ignorant-guy-law) then I see nothing wrong. It's just a beautiful woman standing in front of some buildings. I can't ascribe holiness to any religion that supports bombing school buses, airplanes, and children because they're stupid men are insecure and think that any god would form a religion for they're weak pathetic insecure selves.